Sam’s Song

This boathouse is situated on a narrow channel between two lakes so the water is always pretty calm. I have taken many photos of this but never painted it and now I know why. When the water is this calm it’s a mirror! And the reflections are damn hard to paint!! A few ducks swam by but that wasn’t really enough to make things easier for me. You can never count on those birds.

Sam's Song

10 Comments on “Sam’s Song”

  1. Ross C says:

    Stunning reflections! This was a two and a half point effort. My scoring goes like this…
    1 point for snowscapes – after all, you only paint half a picture
    2 points for a typical landscape – you usually only half paint the foreground… maybe green with a few shadows… or you do an easy sky
    3 points for reflections – seems only fair because you have to paint the hard bit twice.
    Sorry, I took off half a point on this one for the dodgy perspective which is more obvious when you do reflections. : )

  2. Amazing Shari,
    You made it look like glassy water. Great!

  3. tmikeporter says:

    Like this one a lot! Reflections are a daunting challenge.

  4. Jane Hannah says:

    The reflections are absolutely riveting… and what a nice way to end the summer Shari. This is fabulous!!!

  5. angmacleod says:

    It is adorable, i can almost hear the frogs croaking,

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