Carré St. Louis

I painted in good company today with Tex Dawson, Helmut Langeder and Marc Taro Holmes. We took advantage of one of the most beautiful Labour Days I can remember by arriving early at Carré St. Louis. Victorian houses are so much fun to paint and the square is surrounded by plenty of them. Some garish with bright purple or red trim, some elegant, and some downright silly. In the 19th century well-to-do French families would call these residences home and now they are owned by writers, musicians and anyone lucky enough to be able to afford them. The square has a three-tier fountain in the centre, a garden café and a parade of interesting characters who make the park home (some who seemed to be waking up as we arrived).

Carre St. Louis Victorian

16 Comments on “Carré St. Louis”

  1. Mary says:

    So impressive with all the complicated patterns and details, which all pull together so
    beautifully, and still so fresh and alive! Not at all easy Shari 🙂


  2. drawandshoot says:

    This is fabulous, Shari!


  3. Alison says:

    I love the free and flowing brushwork in this Shari. It imparts a life and vitality to these lovely buildings. You’ve captured their personality.


  4. Linda says:

    Hello, Youre work is beautiful. Im teaching myself and would love to paint like this some day,
    Thank you


  5. Anupama says:

    Such wonderful choice of colors ..truly beautiful !!
    Love your blog Shari ..


  6. Gina Bisaillon says:

    I love these trips to nostalgia that you take me on…


  7. Shari. We did this scene at the same tome and I must admit that yours turned out ten times better than mine. Yours again turned out lighter and more cheerful than mine. My colors were too intense and I got a bit overwhelmed with the overgrown ivy on the building.
    No way that I will post it beside yours. I still have to learn to loosen up and keep it clean and more transparent.


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