Speed bump

This past week I have painted a number of small street scenes in my neighbourhood — scenes that would normally be quite dull in the middle of summer — but look quite amazing and different each day now that the leaves are starting to change. Not all the trees colour at the same time. The first seem to be the beech trees (at least I think they are beech), turning bright yellow and falling at the first gusts of autumn wind. They look spectacular against a dark blue sky. The next to turn are the maples. When the sun hits the orange/red fall foliage of the sugar maples it’s like they are on fire. And the last to turn in my yard is the mighty oak. Sometimes the leaves are still on when the snow starts to fall.

Speed Bump

16 Comments on “Speed bump”

  1. Louise says:


    What a nice description for those who are not living in Canada!!!
    Autumn is such a great season for us.

    And I must say that all the info you give us about the colour or the material you are using is always a gift … at least for those who are still searching for the ”right paper” or the ”right brush” instead of simply go out and let’s go!!!

    Merci pour votre blog qui nous encourage et nous inspire beaucoup.
    Louise, Montréal

    • Louise,

      I really appreciate your comments today. I do the sketches for me but the commentary is for readers and sometimes I wonder who is reading this stuff. So letting me know that this info is useful for you is great. I am reaching the one year anniversary of this blog and wondering if I should continue it after that. Your comment is very encouraging.

  2. Ross C says:

    What!!!! “wondering if I should continue it after that”… where did that come from????
    You don’t think that might be a bit of a bombshell for the 281 followers (on this site alone)… could you cope with all that mass disappointment? : )

    • Well, I think the one year mark is a good time to contemplate why I do this. Don’t you?

      • Ross C says:

        Yes, I agree. You need to do that.
        You just need to understand that I had this vision of being 87 years old… in an aged care facility… starting my day by checking my email and wondering “I wonder what Shari has painted today”.

      • I will probably still be doing this when you are 87 years old. That means just one more year, right? 🙂
        Seriously, I probably will be doing this for a long time but I just want to think about it a bit first.

  3. Mary says:

    Shari, i think people appreciate your commentary immensely as it’s always so interesting, artistically informative and very helpful in selecting the right tools…pencils, pens,
    inks, brushes, paints, colours, etc. If you decide to publish, your commentary will be a lovely
    accompaniment to your wonderful sketches and paintings. Very few people have the ability
    to reach so many people with an artistic gift such as yours. Thank you from all of us
    for sharing so generously. And besides, what would we do without Ross’ comical blogs,
    our laugh of the day! 🙂

  4. Ross C says:

    Hmmm… so now I’m “comical”? … the comical Aussie with the shaky hands. And 86 years old?… I have been publicly aged 50 years!… it is no wonder that I have shaky hands!

    • Turns out you are part of the show Ross! I guess I have to continue so you can have a venue for your comments.

      • Ross C says:

        So, that’s it? You’ve made up your mind to continue? …after thinking long and hard about it since 6:02pm last night? Which means that you contemplated why you do this for 13hrs and 48mins… less sleeping time and time for everything else that you have to do… that probably left you about 13mins. You obviously contemplate as quickly as you paint!
        BTW, I don’t need a venue for my comments… I can always talk to the other residents in my aged care facility.

      • Yesterday I had 16 minutes to contemplate this. Today I had 14. I guess that is enough time. I really think you are the draw here Ross. All this time I thought it was me.

      • Ross C says:

        Now you are just fishing for compliments… yet again. So, here goes…
        I am not the show here, young lady… that is definitely you! I am the peanuts at intermission. All these followers are most certainly turning up for the thrill of seeing what amazing thing you have in store for us each day… and you keep proving that you are exceptionally good at not disappointing us!

  5. Leslie says:

    Last leaves to fall off in my yard is the Honey Locust-I have to rush out at the first snowfall to rake up the leaves before the snow completely covers them up and leaves a mess in the spring…
    I, too, look forward every day to see what Shari has sketched today!!

  6. Ruth macCandlish says:

    Hi Shari,

    I have derived such delight along with so many others as each day brings a new
    sketch and such interesting commentary. I have never been a twitterer or face-booker,
    so I am new to the idea of sharing the give and take that occurs between you Shari
    and your loyal followers. Your site is unique and all the freebies you so generously
    offer up about technique, equipment, etc. etc. etc. is so, so special. I appreciate
    that this is a ton of work for you……but your enthusiasm seems to ooze out of your
    written word. I hope that you have the energy and time in your busy life to continue on.
    And yes, Ross C. I have come to get your Aussie humour, I think, !!!!!

    Ruth MacC

    • Ruth, thank you so much for your comments. They are really appreciated.
      You are right about me loving what I do so I am glad that it shows.
      And I too am starting to understand the Aussie humour but it has taken me some time to get used to.

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