This tree at the top of Mont Tremblant reminded me of many painted by the iconic Canadian painter Tom Thomson.  At one point while I was sketching there was also a very unusual bird at the top of the tree — a tamer bird than I have ever seen in Montreal. From my research I think it was a gray jay, nicknamed “camp robber” because of its habit of stealing scraps from the campsites of canoeists and also known to take food right out of your hand!

Dead Tree

16 Comments on “Skeleton”

  1. John Wright says:

    Nice fall colour Sherri. I knew grey jays as “whiskey jacks” growing up in northern Ontario. And, yes they would steal food from your hand.

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  2. tmikeporter says:

    We have them in Oregon as well. When I’m XC skiing and stop for a break, they are right there, and, as you say, eat out of my hand. I’ve had them land on my hand and tear off a piece of the sandwich I’m eating!
    Enjoyed seeing you today!

  3. Valerie Cousins says:

    I like the perspective from above.

  4. Valerie says:

    Your colors are wonderful, intense yet transparent. I’m sure it is you skill, but what brand of water colors do you use?

  5. azergo24 says:

    lovely perspective and colours. congrats. lily

  6. Vicky says:

    This is stunning! I’m sure you’re enticing many of us to want to visit Montreal. The tourism bureau should be reimbursing you for your art supplies.

  7. Mary says:

    What a beautiful painting Shari and you’ve captured the true spirit of the Canadian North
    with your Tom Thomson Jack Pine. Now you wouldn’t find anything like this on top of Uluru
    Ross, so you’ll just have to come here to see our spectacular autumn leaves 🙂

  8. Ruth macCandlish says:

    What a majestic tree! You have captured the mood of the season with the wonderful
    colors in the background….I love it.
    The comments about birds brings back memories of cross-country skiing in Mont
    Tremblant park, and a Priests’ Retreat which was commonly referred to as the Bird
    Brothers. The Brothers set up cross country ski trails, and along the way they placed
    feeding stations with seeds. The fun was to stop and put some seeds in the palm of
    your hand and the bold little chickadees would have a field day…and so, so friendly!


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