Solving problems

While I observed and sketched today, these two guys solved all of the world’s problems.  I kept expecting them to finish their cigarettes and walk away but they stayed on these benches for the whole time I was there (45 min approx.). Occasionally one of them would get up, make a point about some important issue — hands flying, face reddening — and then sit back down with a sigh. From time to time a third man would join them for a few moments and then be off. When I turned away for a few seconds to pack up my paints they disappeared. Solutions had been found.

Solving Problems

4 Comments on “Solving problems”

  1. LInda Denis says:

    I bought a red Lamy Safari fountain pen and love this tool. It is a real pleasure to write and sketch with it. Thanks Shari for always informing us about your material and methods. The right equipment makes the daily sketch a delight.


  2. Ross C says:

    It is always interesting to see where your daily quest takes you, Shari… now you are spying on innocent old men in the park. Did you use binoculars or did you sit as close to them as your sketch suggests?
    And is the squiggly linework in the foliage the grey ink that you were writing about the other day?


    • This was an interesting quest today Ross. I had a short period of time between class and a meeting so I drove around and around this neighbourhood near my school and just couldn’t find anything interesting. I parked at least three times, hoping to see an interesting house. And then I came upon these guys…
      The squiggly line in just my good old Micron pen, not my fountain pen with the grey ink.
      And there were no binoculars used in this. I just parked at the edge of the park and could see them from the car. They didn’t notice me at all.


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