Here is the colour version of yesterday’s value sketch, painted with a limited palette of cobalt blue, raw sienna and carmine.



23 Comments on “Corner”

  1. Nice work Shari, love it — did you work from memory or a photo?

    • I had the little value sketch that I did yesterday and some reference photos that I took. I don’t like to work from photos because I find it makes my paintings really stilted but I am trying to work more from home this winter.

  2. John Wright says:

    love the limited palette Shari. All your practice is really paying dividends.

  3. Valerie Cousins says:

    I find the limited palette too. It’s very effective.

  4. Valerie Cousins says:

    Sorry. I meant to say I really like the limited palette too and find it to be very effective.

  5. Lee Kline says:

    In my town, I walk past scenes such as this all the time and miss the beauty that you see. I must slow down and look! Beautiful work, as always.

    • Thanks Lee. There are so many places like this but it is true about slowing down. Sometimes I drive so slowly looking for scenes like this that I am afraid I will get honked at by passing cars.

  6. Linda Daily says:

    Thanks for sharing your palette with us,Shari. I like the brown shades you mixed.
    A commonplace scene made lovely in your hands!

  7. Ross C says:

    Looks great and such an interesting composition with another of those delightful yet mundane subjects that you do so well. The wires are magic… I think the composition would be very disconnected without them, but they manage to tie it all together so well. But having yesterday’s post invites comparisons and questions… so, did you mean to lighten with near wall on the right? It appears to be a darker tone in your value sketch.

    • Thanks Ross. It was kind of boring until I put the wires in. As for the wall on the right, I did try to make it a little bit darker after I looked at my value sketch. But it lost its luminosity so I grabbed a paper towel and blotted out the darkest wash.

      • Ross C says:

        I am trying to imagine the scene… was this a calm “Hmm, I think that could be a little lighter – I might just try taking off some colour”… or was it a frenzied “What the hell have I done!!! Who took my paper towels???!!!” : )

      • You imagined correctly. It was the latter. My paper towels were sitting right on my big, beautiful drawing table but it was more like “Can I get this ugly wash off the painting quickly before it messes up what I am now doing for the third time and am finally happy with?”.

      • Ross C says:

        Now, that is what your followers need to hear… that you produce these posts with frequent disasters looming. You usually make it sound so relaxed and easy, when I am sure that it is not.

      • Frequent disasters, lots of self-doubt, piles of failures…and then put on a happy face.

  8. jane says:

    Yes — love the limited palette to

  9. Evie Macdonald says:

    Thanks for sharing the paintings, the truth about the process. It is very enjoyable and inspiring.

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