Snowed in

Montreal had a record snowfall on December 27th — 45 cm of snow fell in one day! We are still digging out and it will probably take a full week for the city to plow all the streets. It isn’t helping that it is snowing again today. I was hoping to get downtown to sketch some of the cars that were abandoned on city streets and are now completely plowed in (they may not emerge until spring!) but needless to say, there is nowhere for me to park. So I backed out of my driveway, parked on my own street (where there is no snow clearing going on today) and sketched the view down my road.


20 Comments on “Snowed in”

  1. Tim Mooney says:

    Feel like I’m there …. except its 29 C here on the coast in Australia today

  2. Monique says:

    Yesterday was gorgeous here in sun..

    Are you in Beaconsfield:-)

  3. All Vancouver’s snow has almost melted … feeling sorry for everyone out east.
    Really enjoy the simple brushstrokes. Very beautiful.

  4. Angmacleod says:

    Happy new Year! Keep on posting! You keep the spirit up to paint everyday! Much appreciated!

  5. Mrs. P says:

    My warm weather eyes see a very picturesque lane. My husband, originally from upstate would just say brrr and shake with the memories of many cold winters in NY.

  6. Peggy gloth says:

    The entry looks so inviting despite the chill. You are so resourceful,

  7. rkb665 says:

    It reminds me of my childhood bus route in the winter as we stopped to pick up schoolmates! Lovely image, I can hear the quiet.

  8. This sketch is beautiful, Shari. I’m a Canadian who lived in Montreal for four years, but my family and I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m not going to complain about our weather here, but your sketch made me miss the snow and winters in Canada. This is my first comment, but I’ve been following your blog for since mid-2012. I look forward to seeing more sketches in 2013! Have a Happy New Year!

    • It’s so nice to hear from you Doug. You live in a beautiful place — I have been to the Bay area several times. But when I lived in California ages ago I really missed the change of seasons. Happy New Year to you too. I will be back with more posts in 2013!!

  9. I want to walk into that painting and leave blue footprints in the snow!

  10. Ross C says:

    Love this beautifully simple painting. But I’m not sure about those mirrored shadows on the foreground poles… the sun must shine differently there. 🙂
    And your neighbours must really think you are a bit strange… driving out and parking in your own street?

    • Thanks Ross. Don’t you know we have two suns in the northern hemisphere? : )
      As for my neighbours, they already know I am a bit strange because this is not the first time I have parked on a street near my house. This time they could hardly see me because the car was covered with snow except for a little area on the front windshield.

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