Lunchtime panorama 3

I’ll confess that I have been avoiding painting the foreground of trees that obscures my view when I paint these lunchtime panoramas. It’s much easier to pretend they are not there and look right through them. But today I realized that they actually add a layer of complexity and depth that might prove interesting, so I went for it.

Painted on Fabriano Artistico Bright White, cold pressed, 140 lb. Size: 12″ x 9″

Lunchtime Panorama 3

12 Comments on “Lunchtime panorama 3”

  1. Monique says:

    So impressed:-)
    I can never paint or draw a foreground:-)

  2. Lee Kline says:

    Works well, but you needn’t apologize for “editing’ your view. Seeing that background both ways is a good thing.

  3. fanny pascual says:

    do you use a pencil or is it traight to color?

  4. Ross C says:

    I think that the branches add an extra level of interest… not that #1 and #2 weren’t interesting. And I like the very simple and loose blocks of colour that you have used to define the buildings and hills in the background. But, can’t help thinking that your creativity in naming the posts is waning with this numbering stuff… what has happened to all those clever titles?

  5. Mary says:

    I love peeking through your screen of trees with light delicate branches to your panorama #3
    of the Montreal skyline, creating a dramatic new depth of layering Shari.
    I look forward to #4 and you are so “up there” with many great contemporary artists who just numbered their paintings 🙂

  6. rkb665 says:

    I like the foreground, it gives a feeling of peeking through and assessment before moving closer to the city.

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