I have been wanting to sketch shipping containers ever since I watched Season 2 of “The Wire”, which centers around the stevedores in Baltimore’s port. I didn’t have to go as far as the port to find some today. In fact I pass these quite often, but during the work week you can’t often park in industrial zones without raising suspicion. On a snowy Saturday, however, the parking lot is empty and the view unobstructed.


11 Comments on “Intermodal”

  1. Mary says:

    I love your geometric composition and rich colours Shari. It makes a great abstract too 🙂
    You are incredibly versatile and expert with your wide variety of subjects.


  2. John Wright says:

    I love the colours also. Is there someone at the Port Authority that advises on the colour composition of the stacking?

    I’m also interested in sea cans – I’d like to build a cottage with them.


  3. I’m so enjoying your posts Shari!


  4. Jack says:

    so fantastic…every time every morning when I open my email box, you new drawing is over there…so sweet…thank a lot for your hard working.


  5. Joan Shouldice says:

    I love this one. I really prefer my landscapes to have something man-made in them. don’t know why. And the colours are great!


  6. Oh wow, I love this one, Shari! The colours, the rythm of the corrugated material, the composition… And I always had a soft spot for industrial subjects too. Lovely.


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