Six degrees of sketching

After working on very detailed illustrations this past weekend I was pretty anxious to throw something down quickly in my sketchbook. And it was warm enough to stand outside to draw this morning. With a temperature of 6°C (and gloves on) I was able to do the pencil drawing outside and then paint from the car. Since there is no parking on the side of the street that faces the church I tried something new in my car studio — I sat in the back seat and looked out the rear window. Can’t say it was very comfortable but I got the job done.


8 Comments on “Six degrees of sketching”

  1. As always, very nice sketch (and in particular, I love when art goes across the pages!). And yeah, after detailed art, loose sketching is a must! I’m a hardcore production artist, and my days are very methodical, technical, digital, and precise – I think I was born with a brain made up with two left halves – but my way of dealing with pushing pixels all of the time is by spilling ink, and that artistic therapy is all of the train sketches and lunchtime sketches I do.


  2. Ross C says:

    I love the simple, direct and unfussy feel of this sketch… being rushed (and cold, and uncomfortable) obviously works in your favour. But what has happened to the old Shari Blaukopf? …remember the one who would park wherever she damn-well wanted to park to sketch, no matter what the parking signs said… are you getting more conservative with so many people watching? (over 700!!! Where did they all come from?)


  3. carolynboll says:

    I like how the line between the two pages echoes “heaven and earth” 🙂


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