Fire control tower

Granite. It’s difficult not to have it in everything I paint and sketch in Rockport. Cape Ann granite was quarried in this area and used in the construction of many famous buildings including the Statue of Liberty. There’s a Granite Street, a Granite Savings Bank and huge chunks of granite forming walls wherever you go. This morning I painted at the granite quarry at Halibut State Park for a second time, this time facing the spot I painted a few days ago. From the 60 ft fire control tower you can apparently see as far as Maine.


8 Comments on “Fire control tower”

  1. Angie Macleod says:

    Ooooh! You are so good!

  2. Corinne Avery says:

    Shari…your coastal paintings are glorious and are getting me very excited! I’m heading up to Rockland, Maine tomorrow for a week long painting workshop, led by my friend and oil painting artist Carol Douglas! 🙂

    This view looks like it could have been painted in that area…where is Rockport, by the way? Your watercolors are super colorful and very engaging! BTW..I did the Sketchbook Project in 2011 and did all Plein Air watercolors ftom my travels that year…then whrn the eintertime came, I did virtual paintings of places I wished I could travrl yo…u should ing Google Earth! What fun! I am really enjoying following your work! Thsnks for inspire me to keep painting!!! 🙂 Corinne Kelly Avery

    • Hi Corinne,
      Sorry for taking so long to respond! I missed some of the comments while I was in Rockport.
      Rockport is part of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Gorgeous area, if you ever get there. I hope you have a wonderful time in Rockland, Maine. Having a full week to paint is a joy. Hope you are very productive!

  3. RENE MANNING. says:

    Precioso, simplemente precioso! La iluminaciĂłn y el colorido me encantaron. Felicidades!!

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