Waiting for the bus

It took me a while to figure out why people were standing huddled in large groups on the beach in Tossa de Mar. Every once in a while a big tour boat pulls up right on the beach, lets down a ramp and dozens of people disembark. Then the ones on the beach get on. This happens about every ten minutes.


7 Comments on “Waiting for the bus”

  1. Julia Bolchakova says:

    That’s a sample of a perfect Urban Sketching report! Very cool!

  2. Ross says:

    That’s an interesting story but it doesn’t compare to the drama here… as you will undoubtedly know, last night was the State of Origin decider! And, the result… I am sure you want to know because football is such an important part of your life… right up there with painting. : )
    Well… Queensland won again! The winning streak has gone on for eight years now.

    • Congrats Ross. I tried so hard to get the game on Spanish TV but no luck. I registered my complaint at the front desk and they promised that they would carry Australian sports channels next year when I come back. In the meantime I’m glad that you kept me up to date on this : )

      • Ross says:

        Oh, that must have been soooo disappointing for you. And such a shame as you were in a time zone where you would have actually been awake to watch the game… you wouldn’t have had to set your alarm to 3:00am to wake up like you normally do. : )

  3. monique says:

    What an intricate ,detailed ,beautiful work of art.

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