The castle

My favorite part of Tossa de Mar is the medieval Old Town which stands like a giant sand castle on the beach. From dawn to dusk people climb the little switchback path to see the stone walls, turrets, towers and lighthouse at the summit. There’s even a little tourist bus for people who don’t want to make the journey on foot. And when you get to the top there’s a hidden beach on the other side. I painted this from my balcony facing the beach.


15 Comments on “The castle”

  1. Ross says:

    Great! Nice little touches of colour at the bottom.
    It is sooo tough when you have to do all that difficult painting in the open/ urban sketcher stuff… it must have been such a challenge for you on your balcony…. probably sitting in a comfy chair, listening to your favourite music and sipping a cool drink. : )

  2. Linda Daily says:

    Shari,I love this! Like a little magical world.
    I like the way the bright colors are in the lower part of painting.
    I still marvel at your light beiges and seem unable to mix them.
    Any tips?
    You sound like you are having a grand time!

    • Thanks Linda. It was a little magical world right out my window.
      For this mix of beige I always start with some raw sienna. To that I add a bit of yellow, a bit of red, a bit of blue. You can see little bits of those colours in the stone. Don’t overmix the washes. Leave some colours unmixed on the palette so you can pick them up with the brush.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the colors of the shadows they reflect the light.

  4. Fleet Woodley says:

    Great job with the cliffs. Great job on all the umbrellas and small figures – really established the scale. You had some wonderful sketching sites over there.

    ~ Fleetwood

  5. Alison says:

    The terrific spontaneity in the brushstrokes makes the rocks feel so alive – and as happy to be in this lovely spot as are the crowds below. Really wonderful Shari!

  6. azergo24 says:

    Wonderful sketches from Barcelona. You are getting better and better. Congrats! A fellow (lazy) artist.

    lily A.Goldman

  7. munchmeister says:

    Agree with Fleet. Great rocks!

  8. Catching up on these paintings; love everything about this one, but the real icing on the cake is the flag atop the castle!

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