Nelson in the rain

I knew  I shouldn’t have started this sketch but I couldn’t resist the drama of Nelson’s Column silhouetted against the dark sky. And then I got to talking to a nice family visiting from Mexico… The sky got darker. They wanted to see me paint. And then — the rain! It started so quickly and so heavily that I couldn’t even close my book in time. Shelter was in a food court off Place Jacques Cartier and when the rain stopped I went out again to add a bit more paint to my sketch but dark clouds reappeared, heavy drops landed on my page and I threw in the towel. Dried the last bits at the hand dryer in the women’s washroom in the food court.


16 Comments on “Nelson in the rain”

  1. cathy says:

    I love it! The rain drops give a true plein aire feeling. What is the color mix for the clouds at the top of the page? I think it will be a very useful color for Seattle.

  2. Mrs. P says:

    Love the rain effect, even if it was unintentional.

  3. sefeniak says:

    Great fun with its challanges. Or so it would seem. Still the rain drops had a interesting and perfect result. Luck? I doubt it. XX

    • You are very kind, once again. Perfect result? I don’t think so. But a result that you could never obtain in studio and the reason I love painting outside!

      • sefeniak says:

        Perhaps perfect wasn’t the right word but I still like the end result. And yes a result one would never obtain in the studio. The rain drops almost seem like fireworks.

  4. Tomàs Font Llovet says:


    Enviat des del meu iPhone

    El 30/07/2013, a les 0:54, “The Sketchbook” va escriure:

  5. Myra says:

    We met at the market last week with Debra. I just love your sketches and this latest shows how nature doesn’t interfere, but adds to art! I’d love to know if your sketches are available for purchase!

    • HI Myra!
      So glad you visited the blog! Hope the rest of your ride was great.
      Yes, of course the sketches are available for purchase. Some are in books, like the one you saw me working on the market, but I have lots that are on paper.
      My email address is on the contact page so just send me an email and you can drop by to see them.


  6. Gina B. says:

    I live the way you do people, very unlike the “formulas” that I’ve seen.

    Didn’t get a weekly email summary yesterday, did you not send one?


    • No formulas Gina. Just a torso, a dot for the head, an indication of legs.
      I don’t generate the weekly summary. That comes from your preferences when you sign up. WordPress does all the magic.

      • Gina B. says:

        I am signed up for weekly summary, I wonder what happened? Better check the old spam folder, eh.

  7. Verla says:

    It makes the sky really fit what was happening. I really like it. I admire your persistence even more!!!

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