Twelve plus tax

I went to the market looking for the first signs of pumpkins to sketch. Even filled up a well in my palette with cadmium orange. But when I pulled in to my parking spot the rows of mums shining in the sun were too much to pass up. Especially since I got to wet the colours in my palette that don’t get used much, like permanent magenta and rose madder.


8 Comments on “Twelve plus tax”

  1. Ross says:

    That’s very impressive! When I zoom in on the painting, there are maybe twelve little studies on how to paint a bunch of flowers with minimal detail and without drawing a single identifiable flower. You have that repetition thing working for you… stopping the viewer from looking for the detail.


    • I probably would have done individual flowers but my Micron 005 died and I was left with a 05 which is much too thick. So I did the best I could with the materials at hand. That meant splatters, dots, wet washes and whatever else I could think of to indicate flowers.


      • Ross says:

        Well, it seems that was a fortuitous problem to have… sketching (particularly on location) seems to be a series of problem-solving moments.


  2. bmweeks says:

    I don’t comment often but I always look forward to and enjoy your posts! Your ability to capture always makes me smile!


  3. Fleet Woodley says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how effectively you always manage to suggest structure with such a minimum of strokes. It always works so well.

    ~ Fleetwood


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