Oratoire St. Joseph

There are so many drawing options at the Oratoire St. Joseph, or The Shrine as we used to call it as I was growing up. It’s the big green dome that you can see from almost everywhere in Montreal and when you climb the stairs the panoramic views over the northern part of the city are quite fantastic. But this morning when Urban Sketchers Montreal met for our monthly drawing event, the leftover dampness from last night’s rainfall combined with a chilly breeze had most of us choosing shelter from the wind in the park next to the dome. It’s always fascinating to see how people sketching in the same spot choose to frame their drawings. I drew just one turret and about a square inch of the green dome in the upper right corner, Marc drew the whole building and Jennifer drew mostly just the dome. Hopefully they will post their sketches on the Urban Sketchers Montreal website so you can see what I mean. And if you are free next month, please join us. No membership required, all drawing levels welcome and we post the date and our meeting spots on the site.


14 Comments on “Oratoire St. Joseph”

  1. Oh goodness, I thought we were meeting next Sunday! Uhh. 😦 well, till the next time 🙂


  2. Sketch looks great all scanned up. I’ll be sure to post mine once I scan the next batch. 🙂


  3. Ross says:

    Nice… a good choice with the framing… the composition sits well on the page.
    What I always notice when sketching with a few others is not so much the framing, but how differently we all express exactly the same subject… the artist’s eye, I suppose.


    • Yes, that too. But I guess yesterday the framing was very obvious because we were right under the dome. To me it was way to big to draw but Marc fit it all in and more. We all have our own ways of expressing what we see through line and colour but maybe what I meant was how much of our field of vision we choose to include.


  4. croquedessin says:

    Nice composition !


  5. helmut langeder says:

    Great work!


  6. dezabaleta says:

    Solemn !


  7. You do such beautiful work. I love it ❤


  8. momanis says:

    my daughter is 12 and she likes drawing and she also have a bipolar and your sketch has became her inspiration


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