Hot sauce

This was supposed to be “Hot Sauce Two Ways” but I ended up ruining the second version. I drew my hot peppers with ink and coloured them with water-soluble pencils, scanned them, and then wet the pencil areas, intending to do a “before and after” type of post. But my cast shadows went too dark and the whole thing looked awful. I will repeat this exercise at another time, hopefully with more success.


10 Comments on “Hot sauce”

  1. Ross says:

    When I saw the title “Hot Sauce” I thought you had finally done the long-awaited self-portrait, complete with sequins and high-heels. What disappointment to find it was just a half-finished sketch of peppers! : )


    • I have done so many self-portraits Ross. Wearing a fur collar in the thrift shop, buying eggs at Marché Jean Talon, walking in the farmer’s market in Portand. I’ve drawn myself so many times in so many scenes, it’s getting boring.


      • Ross says:

        I have suspected this for a while… you are delusional! You keep promising the self-portrait but you never deliver… and then every time a woman appears in a sketch you claim it as a self-portrait. I say… show me the money! Or are you going to claim (yet again) that there is a self-portrait of you doing this sketch in the reflection on one of the peppers? : )


  2. John Bartoldus says:

    When Edward Hopper lived in Union Square Park in the heart of Manhattan, he and his wife were so poor he used go to the park and sell his paintings for as little as $20 USD. I am willing to pay you $20 USD for that ruined piece, and you will be able to find it on eBay later that day for a whole lot more. Thanks Ed for the great idea! I love how you find the time to constantly look for new things to paint and new ways to do it. Send that piece to Naples, now!


    • Send your address and I’ll dig it out of the trash for you: )
      Pack it up and straight to Naples it will go.


      • John Bartoldus says:

        xoxo JB


      • Just read that in 1941 Andrew Wyeth watercolours sold for as little as $41. One show netted $1.41 after paying for the catalog!


      • John Bartoldus says:

        I used to sell real estate and once in 1991 I sat in front of an open house I was doing and sketched the house and a neighbor came up to me and bought the drawing for $40, it was my first sale. I told another realtor that it had happened and she asked me do draw a floor plan of one of her houses and paid me $25. On and on it went until 5 years later I made a million dollar sale and took my commission money and opened my studio and did my first calendar in 1998. So, I guess I’m in good company with Hopper and Wyeth. I’m leaving for NYC in an hour for a couple of days and staying right on Central Park South, I have my sketch pad and am super psyched to get away. Maybe I’ll go to the park and sell my sketches. Take good care, Jacques


  3. felukny says:

    Hi Shari, it is my first time in your blog and i liked the way you express your passion for painting and for your city! Your “work” is a kind of travel guide to Canada! Also we can imanige you sitted and painting ….would be very nice to see a painiting of you doing that!


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