One man’s trash

I can understand why someone might find it suspicious that I was parked in front of their house, drawing their trash. In fact, because of the looks I received, I was half expecting a police car to pull up behind me, but there is no law against drawing in your car on a street with no parking restrictions. I spotted these white canvas beauties filled with leaves while on a walk last night and had to get up early to draw them. It is amazing what you can deduce about your neighbours by what they put out on garbage day and from the look of these bags I suspect that someone works at a bakery where they use a lot of walnuts.

17 Comments on “One man’s trash”

  1. Mary says:

    Shari, you can find life and interest in what most people would find mundane 🙂
    You can discover artistic possibilities in almost anything 🙂


  2. Alison says:

    I have always been so envious of how beautifully you render type. I guess it is just more proof of your keen sense of observation of shape, form, colour. Anyways, this is great. I can see why you risked the odd looks of passersby to capture this. A great study in how just the right deft strokes and the right tones can create the sense of volume you’ve conveyed here, nut to mention the sunny day.


  3. genine says:

    beautiful Shari. Love the way you render light and shadow.


  4. Roberta says:

    What a cool find..


  5. Ross says:

    Beautiful modeling on the white bags… it would be very easy to overwork those. I can’t help thinking that you are getting in some early practice for painting snow?


    • It’s not too early. There are flurries in the forecast for the morning!! I am not ready for this.


      • Ross says:

        I can understand that you aren’t looking forward to the snow but just think about all of the warm-country followers like me… I don’t know what it is like to sit in the snow but I love those quaint, picturesque, exotic scenes with so much of the white page showing.
        The arrival of snow also means a lot more car-studio work… and I am certain that you would have been so impressed that I didn’t question your assertion of needing “no parking restrictions”. Because, I am sure you would have expected me to make some derogatory comment like “Since when do you need legal parking spaces?”… but I showed great restraint, didn’t I?


      • You did show great restraint. What’s happening to you?

        I actually love to paint the snow and I can see how exotic it must seem for those people who live in warmer climates. I’m looking forward to all that white paper too. I’ve forgotten how much time is saved painting in the winter!


  6. dezabaleta says:

    very interesting !


  7. These are so beautiful in their simplicity.


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