There are so many reasons why I am intrigued by this corner and keep returning to sketch there. The buildings are set at all angles, the road veers to the left and then the right, and on a sunny day there’s a glowing light on the corner house. There’s also something mysterious about this corner, and possibly what gives it that mystery is also what makes it slightly dangerous. Interesting characters are always coming around the corner. My intention was to do a car sketch for a bigger painting but I had to complete it at home. One of “interesting” characters in the neighbourhood turned out to be slightly menacing, standing in front of my car, waving his hands to block my view and possibly trying to intimidate me. Maybe he didn’t appreciate me hanging around in my car, watching the action at the corner. Good thing my camera was not visible. Anyway, I got the message and completed my sketch at home from a photo reference that I quickly snapped when he ducked into the shelter of a building to light a cigarette.


14 Comments on “Intrigue”

  1. Pedro Cabral says:

    Beautiful and thrilling !

  2. suma karveti says:

    Good sketch Shari! I must appreciate your courage to try to complete your sketch under intimidating conditions too!

  3. Shari, I am interested in enrolling in your July workshop in Seattle. How do I go about doing that? I am part of both the Seattle and the Tacoma urban sketchers groups.

  4. coreyaber says:

    I can see from the sketch why the corner is so intriguing, with the forms angling into each other, as if the buildings themselves are peering around corners. Well done

  5. andre savard says:

    Shari, I like it a lot, specially since I think where is is. “corner of Ste.Marie street and St.Louis in Lachine” My wife was born on St.Marie street so needles to say I was there often.
    Good work.

  6. Lee Kline says:

    I have had the same experience, but when I turned my sketchbook around to show what I was up to, the threatening person’s attitude reversed and suddenly he became my “protector,” urging people out of the way so my view would not be blocked. But that has been in other countries where respect for artists and disdain for photographing tourists runs higher.

    • I wish that would have been the case Lee but this person was truly menacing. I have had so many positive experiences but this wasn’t one of them. For the first time I was actually scared and left quite quickly.

  7. Lesli W., Portland, Oregon USA says:

    Hi Shari,
    I love your work and look forward to every post. Have you walked us through your palette lately? I love your colors and would like to refresh mine.

    PS Thanks for the shadow color tip!

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