The other half of the sheet

One of my favorite groups on Flickr is called “Sketches in a vertical format”. I often spend a few minutes looking through the sketches because each one is like a little slice. We don’t see in this format and I think that’s what makes the way these are composed so interesting. Have a look here.


15 Comments on “The other half of the sheet”

  1. Vicky Porter says:

    Thanks for the link. That was fascinating. I noticed quite a few Sagrada Familia sketches and even a theater from my hometown of Portland.
    Your sketch is lovely and dramatic as I scroll to get the full picture.


  2. Mary says:

    This is fabulous Shari, like a rich floral tapestry and i like the vertical format creating an interesting “slice” in contrast to your horizontal format yesterday. Thank you for yet another interesting educational link . You are a great teacher for all your faithful followers 🙂


  3. kari says:

    The color and value depth in this piece is so rich. Lovely.


  4. Ruth says:

    Once again, a real beauty ! And yet another gem of information showing the vertical format….
    most interesting Shari !


  5. Matthew says:

    Thanks for plugging the “sketches in vertical format” flickr group Shari.
    I’ve just spent the last hour going through all the recent applications to the group due to your plug! 😉
    This is a fantastic piece! I love the rich colours and the way the flowers seem to burst off the top of the page. Your vertical sketches are some of the very best in the group, it’s always a pleasure to see through your eyes.
    Congratulations on the success of your blog, certainly well deserved.
    Some day I will join one of your workshops, God knows I need to develop some kind of technique in watercolour!
    Best Regards,, Matthew


    • I’m so glad there were so many applications. I haven’t posted there in a while but I’ll add this for sure. I will be out west this summer giving some workshops. You should try to join us in Vancouver. I’d love to meet you.


  6. Matthew says:

    P.S. – Please add this to the flickr group!



  7. Lee Kline says:

    Lovely work, Shari. Thanks for the link. I joined and perhaps will have something thee one day soon.


  8. mdzabaleta says:

    Very good combination of colors !

    Mark de Zabaleta


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