Norway maple in the winter

A couple of years ago I thought I was going to lose this beautiful Norway maple that shades our house. An arborist gave some good advice about how to patch the hole that was allowing rain water to seep into the tree and rotting it from the inside. The patch seems to have worked because the tree is still standing, providing not only shade in the summer but drawing material in winter.


12 Comments on “Norway maple in the winter”

  1. artmaster says:

    really cool tree, standing on its own in the winter snow


  2. This almost looks like an etching or a woodprint.


    • I hadn’t thought about that but you’re right. I did some etching in university and loved it but it was so time consuming. Pulling the prints off the press is always such a pleasure when you get to see the result in positive instead of negative.


  3. Ross says:

    I love the texture that you achieved on the trunk. I imagine that the trick with the snow is not drawing too much?


  4. lee kline says:

    Shari, this is breathtaking.


  5. andre savard says:

    Shari, good sketching, your observation of the bark and the enlargment of the trunk where it was probably fighting a wound and kept on growing is excellent.


  6. yousra ahmed nagaty says:

    liked it 😉 !!!


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