Ice cold

Drawing what you eat (or drink) is a common theme for sketchers, at least in the circles I travel in. It always seems like a great idea in theory. You have this arrangement of beautiful objects in front of you, a perfect little still life. But in practice what happens is that every time I draw what I am drinking, I end up with cold coffee. Or cold tea. And then today it hit me. What those tea and coffee sketching sketchers probably do is order two drinks! One to drink and one to draw.


10 Comments on “Ice cold”

  1. yousra ahmed nagaty says:

    liked very much 😉 !!…… are very talented


  2. CharlieAmra says:

    I am enjoying your blog immensely. I agree with another poster who said your blog was like an online art course. You have inspired me to try new things. Now seeing you pencil sketches makes me want to go back to the basics and do some sketches. Thank you!!


  3. dezabaleta says:

    Very interesting !


  4. I’ve always wondered how that’s done… I draw fast but between deciding t draw my tea and scone and drawing it, my nice triangle of a scone is down to a crumb and my teacup as a little puddle at the bottom of it…


  5. borrominibear says:

    I have to comment….
    firstly I admit that my coffee is cold often if I try to draw it…coffee is often not too hot to start with and the late art takes longer to sketch than just the top of the tea.

    In Sydney most cafes these days serve tea in a pot and normally you get two cups out of it(at least)….so you were on the right track. You have two opportunities of getting the tea in the cup component in the sketch right.
    Also I work my sketch always from hot to cold… so I get the tea lines/paint done first… if scones always do the scones first before doing anything else.


    • Well I am glad that the expert has responded. So now I know. First of all don’t drink coffee. Then if you have tea go to some civilised place where they serve it in pots, not styro cups. And then do the tea part first before you drink it. Got it. I’m going out tomorrow to find a tea house with scones… Wish you could join me Liz, but you wouldn’t have the clothing to wear for the drive there…


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