Little house on the lake

This little house on the lakeshore in Pointe Claire is one of those places that you don’t really see unless you are facing it directly, but when you do stop to look at it you realize how tiny and narrow it is. Painted on a really cold and bright day in my car studio, parked in the wrong direction in the parking lot of a pizzeria, on the last sheet of a block of Saunders Waterford HP paper. Size: 9″ x 12″


9 Comments on “Little house on the lake”

  1. Patti says:

    Brings back memories of home. Missing the Pointe Claire charm! Love the windows and roof lines!

  2. Linda Daily says:

    I love this little house and the violet shaded snow. I find hot press hard to work on but you make
    it look effortless and so lovely. There is such a sense of light.

    • The Saunders HP is not like the Fabriano or Arches I work on as well. This one is much more textured and ivory coloured. You can actually do a wash on it without having it dry halfway through. It’s quite a beautiful paper.

  3. KnitNell says:

    A beautiful picture – lovely

  4. croquedessin says:

    So beautiful !

  5. george smith says:

    Shari – your images leave me with a sense of truth. I feel i’ve walked past that home many,many time. I see beauty in what most would overlook.

  6. Mary Sanchez says:


  7. Allen Capoferri says:

    Good one!

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