Second chance bouquet

Years ago I removed Cadmium Yellow from my palette because I find that it’s a poor mixer for greens. It works well for light green when you mix it with cerulean blue but if you use it with the reddish blues like Cobalt or Ultramarine to get a darker green, it goes muddy. I gave it a second chance today (it’s actually Cad. Yellow Light) and if I compare it with the painting of the same bouquet I painted a few days ago, I think I still prefer the freshness of the Azo yellow I used last time. Painted wet-in-wet on Fabriano Soft Press paper, 11″ x 15″.


11 Comments on “Second chance bouquet”

  1. yousra ahmed nagaty says:

    beautiful 😉 …….


  2. Myra says:

    I love your bouquets! The colors are magnificent!


  3. liz bundle says:

    so gorgeous – so grand – so emphatically large! Love it! Big enough to be REAL!


  4. croquedessin says:

    Your “bouquet” is awesome !


  5. Jane Pfeiffer says:

    Wonderful painting with fabulous greens. Were they a lll done with Azo and assorted blues?


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