It’s always so much fun to observe students on break. As I was drawing this guy I noticed that he alternated between studying and playing a game on his phone. I was focused more on my drawing than on really watching him, but when I did stop and look at him for a while I began to count the time spent on each. It went something like this: play the game for two or three minutes, study for 17 seconds, play the game for two more minutes, pick up his book for 12 seconds, play the game for five minutes… then stretch, put on jacket… and probably go for lunch.


6 Comments on “Procrastination”

  1. Shari,
    I love that you sketch every day. I feel guilty about doing it and always let my work get in the way! Isn’t that the truth about procrastination. I see my kids being distracted by the screen. Someone should do a study on productivity with all these gadgets that take our focus away!


    • Great to hear from you Gail. I’m sure there are plenty of studies that have been done about productivity and gadgets but if you are around teens for any time at all you don’t need a study. I used to try so hard to get my students turn off Facebook during class but I have finally given up. It’s too hard to police. My latest experiment is that I allow them to use social media to survey their friends for a project that we’re working on. At least they are using it in a productive way.


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Trying to think of distractions from my own college days a hundred years ago. We studied with the radio on, the stereo playing loudly, the door open to the dorm room so anyone could come in, obsessive thoughts about girls we knew and those we WANTED to know, worry about our complexion, hair, clothing and occasionally, classwork. Maybe he was not playing a game but studying with another person who was at a remote location. I could never study with a certain girl sitting right there with me. All I could study was her. But it got me one who still makes me smile 52 years later. He will be OK. And YOU are fantastic!


  3. Mary Sanchez says:

    Technology can be very inviting. I like your sketch.



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