Line and wash flowers

As prep for a workshop on flower painting that I’ll be giving this weekend, I took out my Lamy Safari pen (which I haven’t used in a long time) and doodled some flowers on hot pressed Fabriano paper. Colours: Carmine, Cadmium Orange, Azo Yellow, Cerulean Blue and a bit of Cobalt mixed with Raw Umber for the darker green spots.


8 Comments on “Line and wash flowers”

  1. Really nice. You demonstrate beautifully what I love from a line & wash painting.

    I love both the spontaneity of a line & wash painting as well as how it engages the viewer. The viewer MUST supply the details. But the sketch contains enough detail to leave the viewer with the impression that they saw a full painting. What a wonderful juxtaposition: It is a sketch which leaves the impression of full realism based painting.

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful loose flower sketch so perfectly described by Fisher, Shari 🙂 i can enjoy their fragrance from here even though it’s my hoya plant in full bloom beside me 🙂
    Lucky artists in your flower workshop this weekend!

  3. croquedessin says:

    I’m very impressed by all your flowers, they are awesome !

  4. Linda Logwood says:

    Line and wash are my favorite paintings. I am a forever hopeful watercolor artist. I will buy some pan watercolors, since the tubes I have never seem to find their way out of the tube. Hope springs . .. right? You are an inspiration.

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