Signs of life

Cobalt Violet is a new addition to my palette but one that I am not quite used to. It has a very strange consistency. More like a paste than a paint. I mixed it with Cobalt Blue to get the crocus colour, and that worked out well but I can’t think of another pigment that has the same properties as this. It’s a beautiful colour and one that I could quickly get accustomed to for shadow mixes. If you use it, I’d like to hear if you have had the same experience as me. The brand is Winsor & Newton.


16 Comments on “Signs of life”

  1. andre savard says:

    Shari, you allways have some good advices. Thanks. I just found out that you will giving a demo at the Lachine Paintig workishop, Can’t wait to see it. Those crocus are wonderfull and the right color too.


  2. Tony says:

    Hi Shari. Ref your experience with W&N’s cobalt violet (PV14 I think?). I have recently started using Sennelier’s blue violet (PV15) and find it different to all my other Sennelier paints. For some reason it just doesn’t seem to release the pigment as freely. Not sure if similar PV numbers mean similar paint qualities too? But maybe there’s a common thread there somewhere? Tony


    • I’ll have to look it up on Handprint ( and see what it says. Glad to hear I am not alone with this problem. Exactly as you describe — hardly any pigment is released.


      • It’s worth reading the whole section about this pigment but here is one quote: “Although some artists disparage this pigment (Michael Wilcox calls it “gummy and weak”), genuine, high quality cobalt violet is a spectacular paint in broad wash applications — morning skies and magnified florals — and evocative in flesh tone shadows.”


  3. Mrs. P says:

    It’s official…spring is here, the crocuses say so. No more snow! 🙂


  4. That’s a great colour for the crocus blossoms – very true to life (at least as it displays on my screen).


  5. Love this and you have inspired me to add it to my journal.


  6. KnitNell says:

    Lovely colours – the sketch is full of energy.


  7. dezabaleta says:

    Spring is here !


  8. Lee Kline says:

    Beautiful. Every posting of yours is a lesson to me.


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