Birdcage lady

A few weeks ago while having dinner with friends on Bernard St. in the Mile End district I saw this shop in the distance and made a mental note to come back someday. I was in the area again today and to my great surprise there was a parking spot across the street. I am never lucky with parking spots so I had to take advantage of the opportunity. You can probably tell by the way the shopkeeper is huddled in the doorway that it wasn’t really a day for sketching outdoors but it certainly was a day for buying flowers, judging by the number of customers who pulled up in front of the shop to buy some. But it wasn’t the flowers that caught my eye. It was the layers of hanging cages that went up even further than I could draw on my sheet.


27 Comments on “Birdcage lady”

  1. liz bundle says:

    blimey! what patience and persistence you have! Great sketch but it’s your integrity in making all those perfect cages that I so admire – WOW! And, I’ll add, your sure and steady hand in recreating them…in this case its that constant perfect detail that makes the piece.

  2. marctaro says:

    That’s a perfect subject – great you could make it back to capture.

  3. Jeff Gold says:

    What a stunning image! Its 2-dimensionality and complex detail give it the appearance of a tapestry. The figure is beautifully situated in the composition and her gesture fits the subject so well. The darker values of the blues and purples set her off and draw attention to the warmer colors of the foreground flowers. Thank you for sharing the experience.

  4. Jean Mackay says:

    This sketch is so appealing…as are all of them. Thanks for offering what you see everyday…a gift of inspiration to the rest of us.

  5. Margaret McDermott says:

    Absolutely love it!

  6. Betty says:

    This is so beautiful!!! Love it.

  7. Rhonda says:

    This is so beautiful Shari~! I bet is sure is a sight to see in person. I have been “urban sketching” everyday for the past two weeks to get me back into painting after a three year break….I LOVE IT~!! What a great way to capture my surroundings and practice at the same time. (wish I could draw better) I take my gear to work with me and then find a spot that inspires me on the way home. I sit in my car and paint, but am concerned that I will make someone uneasy. I sure wouldn’t want someone to think that I am being “creepy”~!

    • That’s how I got back into it too Rhonda. I had the same feeling as you when I started to paint in the car but soon found out that no one really cares. And if they do give you the hairy eyeball, just show them your sketch. It is guaranteed that they will smile at you.

  8. Depth and details, and a composition that just happens to arrange itself as a wonderful layout; beautiful piece!

  9. croquedessin says:

    What a great subject, you did well !

  10. Tony says:

    Can understand why you earmarked it as one to go back to. Super subject ….and wonderful sketch. So much to admire and love how you managed to capture the lady’s expression and how she’s the focal point despite the brighter colours all around.

  11. Genine says:

    wow Shari, amazing sketch and depth! WONDERFUL!

  12. Angie Macleod says:

    This is adorable! The face on the lady is so sweet! The birdcages are just stunning! So fresh so crisp.

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