Moulin Fleming

A while ago someone sent me a link to the site of Moulin Fleming in Lasalle and I found it on my way home from a meeting in the neighbourhood today. It’s a great sketching site because it faces the river and it’s surrounded by plenty of places to paint from, including lots of picnic tables with great views of the mill. Unfortunately it’s still pretty cold outside and the wind blowing off the river was fierce.

I haven’t sketched in a Moleskine book in a long time but they were on sale in my local art store so I splurged on the big size, which is about 12″ x 8″. I’m speculating that they may be coming out with a new line of books that have an improved paper, so that might be why this was on sale but I’m happy to have it nonetheless. I’ve ordered one of the new books in a smaller size to test out and I’ll report back on that soon. I may find out that the paper is the same and only the packaging is new. Wouldn’t be the first time in marketing history, would it?


5 Comments on “Moulin Fleming”

  1. Jim says:

    I really like the red windows.
    Thanks for sharing your drawings.

  2. I love the red accents. Great work!


  3. I love the beautiful depiction of the special features of the art of watercolor renditions of images, just spectacular, showing watercolor a medium like no other with image possibilities fluid and transparent.

  4. Murielle Gervais Cyr says:

    You really painted in a colorful and very lively way this unique and fascinating windmill.
    The mill seems to be inviting us to visit ! Beautiful !

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