The house that Jack built

This evening I gave a little talk to the Lachine Artists Association. In advance of the event, I prepared the drawing of the nearby Resurrection of Our Lord Parish on site, and then painted indoors in front of the group, using a triad of primary colours (Alizarin, Azo and Ultramarine). It’s always a bit stressful doing these demos because you never know if you’ll be successful, or run into painting problems and humiliate yourself in front of everyone, especially when you are trying to paint from memory. To add to the pressure I found out about halfway through the evening that the pastor was in the audience, keeping a watchful eye on how I painted his church. I hope I did it justice, Father Jack.



8 Comments on “The house that Jack built”

  1. Melanie Oliel says:

    Wonderful class…amazing artist. Thank you so much, Shari


  2. Angie Macleod says:

    Father Jack is awesome! I am sure he loved it! My old parish, it is such a pretty church. Good job!


  3. andre savard says:

    Shari, what a dilightfull evening we had. You certainly made it very interesting. Colors are great, love the stone work. Fr. Jack was very happy and I have printed it to give it to him as a souvenir of this very nice evening. I have picked up some tips on how you use your paint brushes.


  4. John Bartoldus says:

    Father Jack was praising God through your entire demonstration because “…all good things come to those who love the Lord.” Kudos! Jacques


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