Staying warm

Almost exactly a year ago I sketched this same scene at the yacht club. Looking at the previous sketch, I see that it was the same kind of day — overcast, chance of showers — but maybe not as cold as today. Last year Bill (in the yellow slicker) was on the deck of his boat but this year I only caught a glimpse of him as he disappeared down into the cabin, no doubt to get out of the cold. I can’t say I blame him since I painted this from my car studio.


7 Comments on “Staying warm”

  1. Carol Lagrow says:

    Thank you for sharing your sketches. I look forward to getting each one.
    You are so inspiring.


  2. Renata says:

    very nice! how long it took you to do this?


  3. You really captured the choppy water with those different shades of blue.


  4. Alex Bodnar says:

    I absolutely love looking at your sketches. Breathtaking.


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