Greece loses

Café Olimpico on rue St. Viateur serves the best coffee in Montreal but yesterday it wasn’t the coffee that brought in the crowds — it was the Costa Rica/Greece  soccer game on big screen TV. Judging from the shouts coming from inside, there were few Costa Rican fans in the room. Attracted by the street flags, I drew during half time when people milled about on the street and I moved on a few minutes before Greece’s disappointed fans trickled out and slowly made their way home.


7 Comments on “Greece loses”

  1. kari says:

    I’m amused that I’m first hearing this news via a watercolor blog post . . . A beautiful piece!


  2. brooklyn49 says:

    Just call me a broken record . . . U R AMAZING. I love the little flags that really set up a great horizontal for the piece and the darkened window and balcony just off center. I’m just like those reviewers on hotel sites who rave about the hotel, people are going to think I’m a plant who is paid to rave about your work. So be it, I’ll rave on anyway! Ten days until Santorini, hooray. Jacques


    • Now you have revealed our secret! People will know you are a plant…
      I love painting on that street in Montreal. First of all there are so many great buildings including the bagel factory, but it also has a sentimental significance because my father grew up just a block or two from where I sketched.


  3. Claudette Panico says:

    Wow Shari, this is a great street scene, don’t know how you do it. Looking forward to learning things from you on SBS in the next semester.


  4. Jeff Gold says:

    Greece loses but YOU win! Beautiful festive feeling of flags; light hitting the building with shadows from the tree and awning. Loved the carry through of graphic line from the verticals on the wall at left to the curvy balconies and over to the rooflines of the two right buildings. Wonderfully arranged composition with contrast for emphasis at the green awning where the action is. Exciting!


  5. Kristiina Sakai says:

    I absolutely love your sketches/paintings. You have such an interesting way of capturing the feel of a place and event, and making the most mandane special and beautiful. In your work I feel the sunchine, can touch the texture of the rocks, or smell the sea air. It is a true pleasure to receive your art work daily. Thank you for your generosity. – By the way – of course I eventually figured you were in Rockport, MA not ME. – Rockport, Gloucester – I used to hang out there a long time ago. Special places.


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