Fallen cedar

About a month ago I bought some loose sheets of watercolour paper from an art supply shop (not in Montreal) where the sales person clearly had no idea about the products in stock. I was sold some Canson Antique White paper that I thought was watercolour paper but it turns out it’s probably for printmaking.I guess I could have dealt with this problem in several ways. 1. I could have returned the paper to the store but I had already torn it up and I was already back in Montreal, so too far to return it. 2. I could try to paint on it and use the unexpected qualities of the paper to try something new.

Since I was in the Tom Hoffman workshop to learn and to try new things, I used it for my second forest painting and I can’t say I’m unhappy with the results. I love the way the paper stayed wet for a long time, the way the paint granulated on it, and the soft, slidy washes and unexpected drips that kept happening. One of the things Tom encourages in his workshops is to let paint do its own thing, so what happens on this paper fits right in with that. I may even try to buy some of it in Montreal.


8 Comments on “Fallen cedar”

  1. The texture of the paper really works with the bark of the trees.


  2. pegjuanita says:

    Well – you sure are experimenting after having attended Tom Hoffmann’s class!! Very interesting. As I viewed especially the bottom 2 /3s of today’s sketch, my FIRST quick impression was that of seeing some Burchfield-ness in it. Interesting….


  3. Alison says:

    Great result. I’m reminded of Emily Carr paintings.


  4. What if you used gouache over lays?
    I like the way it is,
    But I would not be able to resist punching it up, just saying. I’m a big fan of your work!


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