Cape Bonavista lighthouse

There were not too many decisions I had to make sketching this scene. Lots of blue for the sky, a big wash of green for the land and some bright red for the lighthouse (which looks remarkably like a circus tent, don’t you think?) Surround that bright white with a lot of colour and the sketch practically painted itself.



4 Comments on “Cape Bonavista lighthouse”

  1. Priya says:

    I love your water color drawings. I would love to see how you go about it from sketch till finished work. Is it possible that you write a post about that and how you choose your subjects, colors and what fascinated you about the subject?


    • Thanks Priya. I like your suggestion and I will keep that in mind. I sometimes do step-by-step posts but not exactly like that.


      • Priya says:

        Looking forward to it ! Do you have a tip for me to get started today and sketch landscapes/streets/surroundings on location? do you think I should start with only black/white or immediately start using color? How big should the palette be?


  2. Excellent watercolor !


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