Newfoundland checklist

I think we all have romantic notions when we travel of things we want to do or see. In Newfoundland I was hoping to see puffins, spot some whales, see a moose, and paint a fog scene. I did see a few whales, thousands of puffins, thankfully no moose (at least while I was driving) and today I got to paint fog. Last night I went to sleep with the sound of the fog horn and woke to the sound of the fog horn so I knew this was the day. Yes, it’s a bit of cliché, and there’s definitely some kitsch value in there too, but it’s rare that we have fog in Montreal so I had to try it. I painted this with a fully wet sheet and in fact it took hours for the paper to dry but it was a lot of fun to keep adding paint to the sheet and make the shapes appear out of the fog.



15 Comments on “Newfoundland checklist”

  1. Very nice. i can see the fog moving in the breeze.


  2. TonyU says:

    At last ….. something we have plenty of in England that you don’t have in Montreal. Just a shame it happens to be FOG!


    • I was happy to have a bit of it but I’m sure if it was like this all the time I would get pretty fed up. I am looking out over the harbour in St. John’s now and the cloud ceiling is so low. Beautiful anyway!


  3. Francine Ouellette Lemaire says:

    I like it !!! and am anxious to see you am also ready for your o.k. to frame all my houses. Are you selling paintings next weekend in Dorval? Frankie


  4. Miz Dee says:

    The fog picture is excellent…great prod you had to do it…


  5. brooklyn49 says:

    I purposely read your commentary before I look at the scene so I have an idea what you were looking for. OMG, I lifted my eyes and there was fog rolling in over the dock. Newfoundland has been good to you. Jacques


  6. andre savard says:

    Fog in water color! That is very special, it’s beautifull and you can almost feel the humid and salty air.
    Good work.


  7. Linda Daily says:

    This is so lovely Shari. You have really captured the essence of fog. Though we have been in the Pac.NW for quite awhile I still miss the sound of fog horns in SF. They were always so comforting to me.
    However did you preserve your whites?(If I might ask so boldly?)


  8. Linda Daily says:

    Somehow the line ‘…been in the Pacific NW….’ Was edited from my comments?


  9. lilotte says:

    I’m planning to spend one week in Montreal end of october to visit my daughter. I’d like to buy there drawing material I can’t find in France (waterproof ink for my fountain pen, Stillman sketchbooks, …). Could you give me the adress of some stores where I can find them ? I just love your watercolor painting, and I wish I could meet you there.


  10. Lee Kline says:

    This is beautifully made.


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