The Temple of Sinawava

It was a pleasure today to have a guide through Zion National Park — and even better that my guide is a watercolour painter. Russell Black lives not far from the park and paints here often so imagine my luck when he offered to accompany me to some favourite sketching spots of his. Zion is the greenest of Utah’s National Parks with rivers, waterfalls and hanging gardens. I guess we could have climbed to the great lookout points but it was a pleasure to sketch in the cool shade of the greenery both in the Temple of Sinawava and near the waterfalls of the Emerald Pools. Check out Russell’s wonderful watercolours of these splendid spots here.

IMG_2768.JPGHere’s Russell sketching in the shade of the canyon.


5 Comments on “The Temple of Sinawava”

  1. Gina B. says:

    I’m a rock nut myself, so I’ve really been enjoying this excellent series.


  2. drawandshoot says:

    I have done several days of hiking in Zion Park, what a gem of a place.Your watercolor sketches are gorgeous, Shari!


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