Market break

This semester I find myself with a long midday break in my Friday teaching schedule. That means one thing. I have time to get to the Jean Talon Market to sketch! What a great time of year to revisit my favourite Montreal sketching place after a long absence. Abundance is the first word that comes to mind. Overgrown zucchini, boxes of fat tomatoes, the first shiny apples, blueberries ready for jam… it was hard to decide what to sketch. In the end it was determined by what I could see from a spot at the picnic tables where I had a view on all the comings and goings and a place for my coffee as well as my paints.


10 Comments on “Market break”

  1. Monique says:

    One of my favorite spots! Lovely~


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Absolutely catches the atmosphere. Too bad you will be heading into winter in a few months. Is the market indoors so that you can sketch in warmth?


    • Lee, there are lots of great cafes there. And as the produce season winds down they close in part of the market so I can always go there to sketch. It was very crowded today because of the long weekend but usually it is quite manageable on a Friday.


  3. Fantastic watercolor !



  4. This is a nice sketch. Could I use it for my community arts page Carroll Ann Susco?


  5. kipps74 says:

    Yes! Full of life, colour and carpe diem…………….inspiration for my weekend watercolour experiment!!


  6. Joy Makon says:

    I spent a few hours at Jean Talon two years ago…I’ll have to revisit my photosand get some painting inspiration from them. Glad to see your version Shari. Enjoy.


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