Blue boats on the canal

This must be the best week to paint the changing colours of the trees in Montreal. All the trees still have their leaves, everything from sharp yellow to deep red to dark green. On a sunny day it’s a bit like trying to paint flames — a bit too glowing and bright. My method is to take everything down a notch. Soften it and let the colours flow one into another and hope that you capture the feeling of the season without going garish.


12 Comments on “Blue boats on the canal”

  1. Wayne Bissky says:

    The more it teeters on the edge the more I love it Shari! Wild and crazy…rip it and grip it!

    Sent from my Wayne Bissky’s iPad.


  2. Anders says:

    I was feeling so down this afternoon and then I see your watercolor and feel inspired again.
    Thanks, Shari.

  3. This is so lovely – captures the feel of early autumn. Favorite.

  4. Doug Moench says:

    Abstract and…. lovely!

  5. Lee Kline says:

    I think of you as the tree lady – in a very complimentary way, bien sur!

  6. Joan says:

    You’ve captured the fall colors I love so much.

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