Union Coffee

This wind was great today. Not so much if you were a pedestrian trying to cross the street but superb for churning up great piles of yellow leaves and sending them swirling up into the air. I was parked on rue Jean Talon, and at times the wind tunnel that formed was so strong that it rattled my car. There was a steady stream of customers going into Union Coffee, usually moving too quickly to be drawn (probably all those espressos), but these two ladies had a chat on the corner, and despite the gusty conditions they stayed there long enough for me to draw them. When I put people into the sketch the first thing I focus on is not the details of hair or clothing, but rather their height in comparison to doorways, cars, etc. If I get that right then the rest (colour of the coat or the shape of the bag) can be added in later from memory.


23 Comments on “Union Coffee”

  1. Lee Kline says:

    Ha! Looks like the lamp posts are leaning with the wind. Not a criticism at all. Merely a comment on your wonderful observation. That is a very good tip about putting figures into a composition.


  2. Anders says:

    Lovely, after that I feel like going for a walk … : )
    Thanks for sharing your creative process. When I write some verses I do the same… glimpses of beauty is the key… Peace!!!


  3. Tom Jump says:

    Nice- I can feel the fall in the air! I was going to say the same thing about the street lights- they add to the impression of wind 😉


  4. Monique says:

    It WAS windy..here …swirling leaves..and our back yard recovered in leaves..many times!
    Your watercolor..actually looks so much calmer than my feeling whilst digging up our dahlias today~
    Love it~


  5. TR Duncan says:

    your sense of proportions are wonderful. so inspiring to see the quality of your work.


  6. george smith says:

    Really pleasing to look at and study. What a gift you have.


  7. Richard Lee says:

    It is pretty amazing how your paintings come together to make a very pleasing complete picture. I’m planning on buying your book too. You are a wonderful artist, Shari, and I really enjoy seeing your daily posts.


    • I really appreciate you letting me know Richard. I love getting out there to sketch, especially my favourite Montreal scenes like this one.


      • Richard Lee says:

        One more comment…when you are sketching a scene that is rapidly changing, is it easier for you to work in watercolor or graphite?


      • I always put anything that changes rapidly in graphite first. If the drawing is right then chances are the painting will be fine. It is when I skimp on the drawing then inevitably the painting is not good because you can’t hide bad drawing with paint. I have made this mistake time and time again and yet I never seem to learn. Don’t rush the drawing!!


  8. Love love love the lamp posts….you really are doing people better everyday!


  9. Harriet Braun says:

    that is a sweet picture. you captured the swirling leaves just right. and good job on the figures!!!


  10. Joan says:

    I detest wind…I feel agitated, pummeled , like I’ve been in a fight when I have to be out on windy days. But this drawing makes me love wind, especially when I don’t have to feel it.


  11. tmikeporter says:

    The more I look at this, mon ami, the more I like the composition. The curve of the street lights, grey sky, and flying leaves really add balance to the dominant red bldg.


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