First flakes on the cart

Each of my sketchbooks is not complete without a rendition of my rusty backyard wheelbarrow. This was sketched last week when the first snowflakes fell but in the chaos of the day I forgot to post it. Since then it has been completely covered in snow, then washed clean by the rain and now knocked over by the wind. Time to get out there and get it upright again in preparation for the next sketchbook.


11 Comments on “First flakes on the cart”

  1. tmikeporter says:

    I’m suggesting you paint this in all four seasons.

  2. Always glad to see the return of the wheelbarrow.

    • Always glad to paint it Fiona. Even though it is sort of useless now in the garden because it’s so wobbly, I could never get rid of it. After all these sketches I have an attachment to it.

  3. Ellen says:

    I was so happy to be back in your garden 🙂

  4. Telva Chase says:

    Shari – I just love your work. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be capturing next. I shared your blog URL with Dion Dior, another one of my favorite artists and my most favorite watercolor instructor. She was mentioning how much she hates to sit outside in the cold and sketch. I shared that sometimes you do it from your car. Happy Friday Sketches!

  5. fredartworld says:

    nice inspiration nothing is useless

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