Beach bodies

The beach: the best life drawing class in the world. I drew a couple of pages of little figures, with the idea that maybe one day I would use one or two of them in a painting. The watersoluble blue pencil was perfect for these. To begin, I always go back to what I learned from Melanie Reim at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Santo Domingo. “Start with the line of the spine.” If you get that right everything else has a good chance of falling into place.

BeachPeople001 BeachPeople002

9 Comments on “Beach bodies”

  1. janice says:

    What a great idea (and New Year’s resolution) because there are so many size/type/characteristic bods out there that it’s a terrific exercise in understanding the human form & dynamic. Thanks Shari.
    Have you made any decisions yet on a Montreal workshop?


    • Janice, you really are persistent. I promise that by the end of January I will know what my summer plans will be.


      • Janice Kelly says:

        Dear Shari. I so admire your work and my mind is spinning with thoughts of urban sketching — which is a new direction for me.
        It’s sort of like un-constipating my art flow is where my head is at
        about your approach. And then getting back to my hometown is kind of special, too.
        I hope that I haven’t put you off with with my persistence.’
        Besides, taking your class depends upon my lovely brother in Vaudreuil being willing to chauffeur me throughout your classes.
        Best to you and thank you for contributing to our inspirations.


  2. Isszzy says:

    Great tip. I will try that next time I cannot avoid putting people into my sketch!


  3. Ross says:

    Great people! And very timely… I was working up to one of those “where are the people in your sketches” comments.


  4. Wonderful sketches!


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