Pencil drawing

My Californian sketcher friend Suhita draws people in motion really well. I watched her draw in Barcelona and can attest to the fact that she creates magic with her trusty Sharpie pens. I can’t believe how fast she sketches, and how well she captures gestures of people in crowds. She has recently gone back to figure drawing with a model, and she commented on this blog after I posted something from a studio session. Here’s a snippet of what she said: “…it’s just that when I am drawing the figure fluidly, I am much more confident in all that I draw.” I think about that often, and now carry around a sketch kit in my bag, so that if I have a few minutes and there’s a willing model, I can do a quick drawing. Today I took it out when I was visiting my mother, and I thought that even though I try not to link my drawings with holidays, it might be fitting to post on Valentine’s Day.


16 Comments on “Pencil drawing”

  1. Janice Kelly says:

    Can’t think of a nicer way to mark V Day than with a sketch of Mom. Lovely thought, lovely lady, lovely drawing.


  2. Missy Walsh-Smith says:

    How lovely!


  3. Jane Hannah says:

    OMG! You look like your Mom Shari — beautiful resemblance and drawing -)


  4. Alison says:

    Beautiful Shari!


  5. I was looking at the sketch and as I’m reading the post I’m thinking to myself she must be Shari’s Mother, you have her eyes. She is lovely, thanks so much for sharing her with us.


  6. Dee says:

    As a Mother, I say, “thank you!”. This so sweet and lovely. I know she enjoyed it.


  7. How sweet to draw your mom. I can imagine it makes her happy. My mom is really happy to see me draw too. I think it’s because it’s one thing she’s known I loved doing since I was a kid. I feel pretty lucky myself to be a grown up who still does something I have always loved.


  8. This drawing really has personality!


  9. mitra says:

    Veryyyyy goood.i enjoyed


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