Yellow dog

As practice for sketching animals with USk Montreal at the Biodome this coming Sunday, I sketched my dog today. I know the animals at the Naturalia room are preserved, but after a long walk the dog didn’t move much either. We usually start Sunday sketching at 10 am but since the room only opens at 10:30, we’ll be beginning a bit later. There’s a café on site so there will be no venturing out into the cold to find a place to eat this time. Hope to see you there!

Sketched in a Stillman & Birn Beta Sketchbook.


6 Comments on “Yellow dog”

  1. Great work. Especially it’s face.. You almost expect it to make one of those deep sighs that they do 😉


  2. Mary says:

    Awwwwwww…there’s Alice…she looks sleepy, cozy and warm after her freezing cold walk.
    I was just thinking of her the other day and she’s good practice for this Sunday.
    At least she has a better coat than my Boston Terrier 🙂


    • Yes, there’s Alice. I don’t think she has much more fur than your Boston Terrier. She’s such a lean dog. Not much fat and not a very thick coat of fur. But it doesn’t seem to bother her on those cold days. Hope you’re well Mary and not suffering too much with this ridiculously cold weather.


  3. Trevor Travis says:

    This is beautiful. Pitch perfect design, tone and color. A lovely dog and a lovely painting.


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