Chocolatier in line

It’s the combination of building and tree that attracts me to the chocolatier in Pointe Claire Village. That, and the parking spot facing the facades, which doesn’t happen very often. I’ve only ever sketched the buildings in watercolour, so thought I’d use a combo of the dip pen and the brush pen today. It’s a funny time of year with the snow melting and bits of dead grass appearing underneath, along with lots of winter’s detritus, which is why I thought the scene might work better in black and white.


25 Comments on “Chocolatier in line”

  1. TonyU says:

    Hi Shari. Another lovely pen and ink drawing – and another wet looking puddle. A labour of love I’m guessing. Intrigued to know how long all that intricate shading and tonal work took compared with your previous line (or pencil) and wash versions? Best, Tony.


    • HI Tony,
      This takes about the same amount of time as usual. I sketched on site for about 45 min, then in the parking lot at work for 10 minutes when I arrived at school a bit early and then again for 10 minutes at home. Around an hour in all… There is something very relaxing about drawing those repetetive lines…


  2. really really nice!!!!!


  3. I love your work, very inspiring.


  4. Jeff Gold says:

    It’s so interesting to see how you handle the subject compared to your watercolor drawings of the same. The textures are very rich and, as always, the control of values is wonderful. It’s a beautiful composition-you really have that square format down.


  5. Excellent, I love this. Makes me wanna try. Thanks for the inspiration!!


  6. Ross says:

    Nice sketch!
    And, I just noticed, you have 4000 followers! Congratulations.


  7. this is a stunning drawing Shari -just so fresh & light


  8. Joan says:

    MY, MY! This is wonderful. I’m a big fan of black/white sketches and photography. The simple, yet complex detail appeals to me. This is one of my favorites. Well done.


  9. Dee says:

    Very nice! I really like your pen and ink. When you do them, please share? It inspires me!


  10. Andrea says:

    This is fantastic. It reminds me a little of my style when I used pen a lot. I love using lines to create pictures.


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