Man with hat

Here’s another drawing from my “stuck at the airport” few hours yesterday. This man was not as industrious as I was. He alternated between sleeping and napping. Then he put on his hat and glasses and slept again. Clearly he had been stranded there longer than me. Drawn in a Handbook sketchbook with a mechanical B pencil.


8 Comments on “Man with hat”

  1. David DeVaul says:

    Thank you Shari for all your work. You have been an inspiration to me for quite some time.


  2. Mary says:

    Great sketch! I love your quick sketches – they really have a liveliness to them. I’ve been carrying my small sketchbook with me wherever I go and taking advantage of those opportunities such as you did here. I agree with David De Vaul – seeing your work continually inspires and encourages me – thank you so much.

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  3. I really like this sketch (but sorry for your airport woes). The varied lines from loose to careful make it especially interesting. Thanks for sharing your work!


  4. Sorry to hear you were trapped in the Denver airport, but the drawing of the man with the hat is terrific. I really enjoyed meeting you and I am so glad you came with Tom to the Art Students League where I was printing. I have so many questions and I will email you later but for now, enjoy being home again. Your new friend in Denver Dennis R. Pendleton


    • HI Dennis,
      It was a real pleasure to meet you and a joy to see your print work. It made me feel like I was back in art school. The Art Students League is a real treasure and it would be thrilling to give a workshop there. Let me know if it can be arranged. And of course, stay in touch and email any questions you have.


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