Blue clothesline

I enjoyed reading my friend Gail Wong’s recent post about her experiments in watercolour where she paints a New York street scene six times. With each try she simplifies the scene even more. It got me thinking that I haven’t done much experimentation lately. I’ve been wanting to work with larger formats so today was the day I moved to bigger. This is not quite a full sheet of watercolour paper — it’s about 22″ x 22″ — but close enough. Unlike Gail, I only painted this once. I think her format may be smaller than mine, possibly a half sheet. I overpainted some of the dark areas so if I try this again, that is what I will work on — getting to those darks in a more direct way. Thanks for the inspiration Gail.


24 Comments on “Blue clothesline”

  1. Janice Kelly says:

    Enjoy the contrast between the colour and mass of the trees versus the white contrast of the house. Also appreciate you sharing the processes like your friend and you try out. Gives us an inspiration to take that leap as well.


  2. Thanks Shari, I am always inspired by your work. And you don’t have to do it six times like me!
    I am working on half sheets lately so I can use larger brushes and get more abstract with the watercolor. However the six views I did were on quarter sheets, which allow for doing it several times with out getting tired of the scene!


    • Thanks for your inspiration Gail. I did it a second time last night, this time on a quarter sheet, trying to work out some of the problems I had. I’ve got no patience to try it again on a big sheet.


  3. Nathalie says:



  4. Barbara Beynon says:

    Both the palette and the clothesline seem to say that winter may finally have made way for spring. I like liked looking for the thin blue line; from the title I thought I’d be looking for drying clothes or bed linens and enjoyed the surprise of the empty line.


  5. Ross says:

    I really like the intensity! Is that your wheelbarrow?
    (BTW, I had to move from my phone to my larger computer monitor to find out what the blue clothesline was referring to)


  6. Linda says:

    Very nice, Shari. You are a master at skies and trees/bushes. Your background draws a person in. I think it has a secretive quality to it. Like, what lies beyond those trees?


  7. AM Welsh says:

    I really like it!


  8. Andre Savard. says:

    What dark!!!!!! It just contribute to the warmth of the picture. One has a feeling that summer is hère. Good work, I realy like it.


  9. Mattex says:

    It’s like walking at the backyard in full animation.


  10. Dee says:

    Really a special one, Shari . Direct, pure, and a simple, yet complex composition. I really like this one!


  11. Monique says:

    I LOVE your darks.Nothing muddied..well ever w/ your work:)


  12. karinakuschnir says:

    I like it!!


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