Parallel universe

Here’s something cool. There’s a whole other group of people who paint and sketch outdoors on Sundays in the summer, and it’s not Urban Sketchers. They set up easels on the Canal right by the St. Gabriel Locks every second Sunday in the summer. The group is organized by the Montreal Art Centre, and if you are interested you can even reserve an easel and a table. I joined them today to paint, sketch and watch the cyclists going by along the canal. They’re a really nice group, and if you want to find out more, check them out here. The views at the spot where they gather are pretty interesting too, especially if you like the overlapping mix of decaying industrial buildings and new condo complexes. Our Urban Sketchers group isn’t meeting again until August but if you want to meet the other group, their next outing is on July 26th.


10 Comments on “Parallel universe”

  1. Leigh Youdale says:

    Wow! That’s like discovering a Lost Tribe. I wonder if there’s a similar group in Ottawa?


  2. Linda says:

    Nicely done, Shari! I love how the colors compliment each other. I feel like I am there.


  3. Tom Jump says:

    That’s cool. To borrow a phrase from Stephen Wright, “Small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” Although I think you do! 🙂 Another great sketch- thanks Shari!


  4. […] Allez voir l’oeuvre de Shari Blaukopf, membre de Urban Sketchers, qui était de la partie dimanche. Très beau travail ! […]


  5. Mary says:

    My wonderful Shari 🙂


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