Kampong Glam

Between the long flight, the overwhelming heat and the jet lag, it’s been a slow start to sketching in Singapore, but this morning I finally got my sketching brain going again. Like nearby Little India, Kampong Glam is one of those heritage Singapore neighbourhoods made up of tiny streets of colourful shophouses, cafes, fabric stores, and a gold-domed mosque. The thing is, you have to get out early to sketch because later in the day the heat makes it impossible, at least for a Northerner like me. I found this view looking down a side street where, fortunately, there was a cafe and a spot under a giant umbrella.


21 Comments on “Kampong Glam”

  1. Wow, this is stunning Shari!! You did very well to get sketching so soon after a long flight and with the extreme heat. I had briefly entertained the idea of attending the symposium myself but even as an Australian the thought of the humidity made me think again. It sounds like you’ve already found a way to work around it!
    You probably have your days cut out for you already but you may just find something extra of interest in the travel article I wrote a while back – https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/travel/a/26516538/singapore-of-old-weaves-its-spell/

    I look forward to hearing more about the symposium and seeing your beautiful sketches!


    • I love your article, Wendy, as well as Shari’s so ” in the moment” sketch. I, too, somewhat regret opting out of this symposium – especially as I see and experience the flavor of present day Singapore. Thank you both for your stunning offerings this morning!


    • Thanks so much for sending the article Wendy. I visited Raffles last night so it was interesting to read your description. Too bad you’re not coming to the symposium. There will be lots of Australians here from what I hear b


  2. george smith says:

    A perfect portrayal of a street scene. As always, your color choices imbue the scene with emotion and clarity. The posts are a highlight of my day. Many, many thanks.


  3. Ross says:

    Welcome to the tropics… you are fortunate to be in Singapore during the cooler time of the year. The average temps are only 31 degrees compared to 32 degrees in the hot months.
    In contrast, we are having really cold weather… record snow in Queensland!!! Not by Montreal standards, but by our standards this is extreme!

    BTW, love the colourful sketch… keep it up and drink plenty of water.


  4. Alison says:

    I was o happy to get your post this morning. What a wonderful scene. So lively in line and colour. I really get a sense of the place and space. Looking forward to more from Singapore!


  5. Carolyn says:

    AMAZING How much you got Into that sketch! FABULOUS work! hang in there, you body will adjust and become more tolerant


  6. Monique says:

    Amazing work Shari.


  7. Tony says:

    Love this sketch and looking forward to hopefully seeing more of Singapore from you now that you’ve acclimatised a bit.


  8. Louise says:

    A beautiful sketch, Shari. You are a real trooper to endure the long flight, the jet lag, the hot humid climate, and be out painting to bring us this view of a colorful Singapore neighborhood. A nice change from modern high rise buildings and the activity which surrounds them. Having taken your Craftsy class, I am able to have a better sense of how you built this painting and included so much detail. It’s great. I will study it often. Hot humid climates are a challenge; at least there will be cooler horizons in your future. May you enjoy this adventure!


  9. smmartwerkz says:

    brings back nothing but good memories of when i lived there. wonderfully festive, a lot like the area


  10. Louise says:

    Hi Shari, after contemplating This complex and so well rendered sketch, I went on google -images too have a closer look at pictures of this colorfull place you are visiting…The architectures of many buildings are superb…Yes, there are many things one would think of sketching!


  11. super sketch! love the colors and the life of the scene.


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