Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson House is an oasis in the middle of Bangkok. It’s a spectacular mansion (and surrounding property too), constructed from several traditional Thai houses dismantled from their original locations and reassembled to form the residence of the American entrepreneur and art collector Jim Thompson. He’s an intriguing character who established a silk company and later disappeared mysteriously in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. The house and museum are a popular tourist destination in the city, but to see the house you must take the guided tour. While waiting for my tour to begin, I had a bit of time to draw in the shaded courtyard. Of course I am thinking about all my Thai friends today after hearing about the horrific blast at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. The Jim Thompson House is located quite close to the site of the explosion, just a stop or two away on the elevated train line.


3 Comments on “Jim Thompson House”

  1. Tim Mancusi says:

    Whew! Good to hear you’re okay.


  2. Louise says:

    Shari, I’m glad you are back home and not there. News of the blast at the Shrine is certainly a traumatic postscript to your marvelous journey. May you receive news from your Thai friends very soon. We share your concern for their well-being. I went to the Guardian site to read about the situation; they always have a lot of coverage with many pictures. I also went to the site for The Jim Thompson House to learn more about it. You are teaching us geography and history as well as art. They are connected though, aren’t they.


  3. Julana says:

    Wow, sobering stories, both.


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