Two Rivers triptych

Last week I received a special gift — a sample pack of cotton/linen Two Rivers watercolour paper (available at Jackson’s in the UK). Lovely gift it was. But what to paint on it? It took a bit of time but it finally came to me. The three panels of paper are just a little too small for painting on individually, so I taped them together and painted on them all at once. What a perfect way to compare surfaces. On the left is the thinnest (140 lb NOT), on the right is 200 lb NOT, and the middle piece is the thickest beauty — the 300 lb NOT. Gorgeous paper, wonderful for granulating colours and amazing for lifting because of the “hard sizing”. If you are interested in trying it out, have a look at the sample pack on the Jackson’s website.


13 Comments on “Two Rivers triptych”

  1. What a cool idea to compare paper! Love this… thanks for sharing, Shari!


  2. AnneC says:

    I think it’s a cool idea too. I also love Jacksons. I spend hours window shopping the online store.
    I have been mixing greens as suggested in your previous post. Thanks because it has proven very useful.
    Would you describe how you paint foliage. I can’t seem to get the knack. I see all the detail and fail to work out how to simplify. I had intended to ask you in Singapore but a major health issue meant I had to cancel.


  3. Terry McAllister says:

    Knew they went to the right person Shari! !


  4. anne farmer says:

    Very clever – and beautifully done.


  5. joantav says:

    What a great way to test out the different weights. Love it!


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